Well met, everyone!

2016-08-28 12:44:04 by Cludensyo

Clean the earwax off your ears and put your palms behind 'em 'cause this is important news! (Though cleaning them wouldn't really do anything since you'll be reading this)

You are currently being blessed by words that hails from the creative mind behind basically nothing (at this point), Cludensyo Gardeinia!

Okay, enough of that. This would be my first news post to update fans which I can only describe as a figment of my imagination. Currently, nothing is going on (big shock) but I do trust that the stalkers who, for some reason, cares about my well-being will be satisfied to know that big things are coming. But that's dependent on your idea of the word "big."

Just giving you a heads up from me because when I come, I come in like a hurricane (and really, I just wrote this to see how news post works.)